What Does An Insurance Policy Cover?

Were you in a car accident? Was your home flooded during a hurricane, the aftermath of a hurricane or a deluge of rain? Does the insurance company response seem inadequate? Are they delaying or denying that you have coverage?

At Henrichson Law PLLC in Edinburg, we have advised individuals and families across South Texas on insurance-related claims and issues. While we often assist on bad faith claims, we are also available to answer any questions on homeowners' insurance claims. Our founding attorney is board-certified in civil trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has a long track record of obtaining results for clients struggling to deal with their insurance companies.

What To Do If You Cannot Reach A Real Person?

Insurance companies vary greatly in how easy it is to reach someone when you need to make a claim. However, the customer service that you received when you purchased the policy is often not the same when you need to file a claim.

If you are wondering where to turn to get help fixing damage to your home or vehicle, you should schedule a consultation with our attorney. We can help you solve the problem and identify when a bad faith claim might exist.

Can You Fight A Denial Based On Policy Exclusions?

What is or is not covered by your policy. The fine print that you probably didn't read when taking out the policy will make the difference. How a word or phrase is interpreted can mean the difference in whether a claim is granted or denied.

Preston Henrichson has significant experience analyzing these policies. He will review whether policy language is in line with state legal requirements and advise on whether a provision might have been misinterpreted by a claims adjuster.

When Can We Help?

Whether water damage, leaks or damage to a vehicle, we will take the time to answer your questions. Insurance policies from car insurance to renter's or homeowners insurance are not always written in a way that benefits you. We'll fight on your behalf when necessary.

When you are facing trouble getting help from an insurance company after an accident, storm or other natural disaster, schedule a consultation with our attorney. You can reach us at 956-513-0629 or by sending us an email.